Summer Sewing

By Sharon Schneider / May 21, 2019 /

I love summer sewing. The spring show season is behind me. Time to slow down a bit, get outside every day and spend lots of time creating. Before the demands of  the fall and holiday season I plan to take some time to do as much sewing as I can. I was gifted this supply of linen clothing and can’t wait jump in.  I plan to post a bag a day in June – totes,…

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Everyday Items I Use In My Sewing Studio Every Day

By Sharon Schneider / April 18, 2019 /

Since I moved to a bigger sewing space in our house last summer, I have spent lots of time organizing. I thought I would share some household items I use every time I sew. Stable and sturdy, small ceramic flower pots are perfect for pencils and scissors.   I love to use mason jars for storage. I can see whats inside and they are sturdy on my shelves. I also use one with my sewing…

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Weekly Food Prep

By Sharon Schneider / March 25, 2019 /

Back on track this week after a quick trip to Florida and lots of eating out (and beer). We also walked on the beach everyday – a habit I hope to continue now with the warmer temps in MN. I know I can’t exercise away a poor diet. I am up to 6-8 veggie servings a day and a minimum amount of processed foods. While I cooked wild rice in my Instant Pot and bacon…

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Healthy Eating – weekly food prep

By Sharon Schneider / March 12, 2019 /

No big meals planned for this week but I got a lot of food prepped and ready to pull together for some easy, healthy meals and snack ideas. Veggies are cleaned and chopped – all set to top a salad or toss in a fry pan for a quick side dish. I made hard boiled eggs (1 cup water, 7 minutes)  in my Instant Pot  I salted and roasted mixed nuts @350 for 6-10 minutes.…

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Spring Bunnies In The Etsy Shop

By Sharon Schneider / March 8, 2019 /

These sweet bunny drawstring bags are now in the Shop  The perfect size for a special treat for Spring or Easter. One bunny holds 4 plastic eggs. These would be darling at the Easter table as place holders or party favors. $10 each. limited quantities. All one of a kind and in various colors! Shop HERE    

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Weekly Food Prep

By Sharon Schneider / February 26, 2019 /

Remember Menu Monday? I was pretty good about having a consistent plan for the week many years ago! Now with no kids at home I have gotten away from that weekly routine. With a recent warning about high cholesterol, I am ready to buckle down again.  I don’t feel like I need a specific weekly menu, but I definitely need to bring healthy choices back to your kitchen. I am starting with more veggies. I…

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Scrap Fabric Valentines

By Sharon Schneider / February 11, 2019 /

Just a few quick, easy Valentine decor ideas using scraps of fabrics. I used a cookie cutter and cardboard templates to trace hearts on fabric scraps. I stitched a row together to use as a garland to hang on my winter tree. The rest I stitched onto card stock, then tape the card stock to a folded card form. Just a couple easy ideas for using up scraps.  Last year, I made heart sachets and…

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Make Your Own Linen Napkins

By Sharon Schneider / January 22, 2019 /

January is always an opportunity for me to refresh our house a bit after the holiday decorations are packed away. This year, I wanted to add some more cloth napkins to my stash. I am still trying to perfect how I finish the edges. I made (and sold) hundreds of flannel napkins last fall and winter and I would have to say, they are my fave so far. I finished with a zig zag edge…

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Friday Pie Day

By Sharon Schneider / October 5, 2018 /

What better way to end a blogging draught than with PIE! The weather is changing in Minnesota and I thought this easy no bake creamy pumpkin pie would be perfect for a fall dessert. wonderful light and creamy alternative to a traditional baked pumpkin pie    

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Container Planting

By Sharon Schneider / May 30, 2018 /

I am keeping things super simple this summer. All container planting for my annuals and herbs. These 2 large pots stand on either side of my entry. It is hot and sunny most of the day so I went with non-flowering this year. All coleus and a vine to spill down the front. An old wash tub from my Grandpa’s garage is the perfect herb garden. Just a few this year, the chives came back…

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