Back on Track and a SALE

By Sharon Schneider / October 23, 2016 /

October was a crazy, crazy month for me and my family. I am happy to be getting back on track and back in the sewing room this week. I want to start my mornings with a healthy breakfast. Overnight oats are an easy, make ahead meal. I bring 4 cups of water and 1 cup of oats to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool and refrigerate. In the morning, all I have to…

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Bucket Review + Discount Code + Please Vote!

By Sharon Schneider / August 12, 2016 /

All kinds of busy behind the scenes this week. Thanks to Sonja from Blackstone Designs for her great review of my large Bucket and wristlet. She has a discount code for the SHOP available on her site. Please check it out. Shaggy Baggy is also being featured on Shaggy Baggy is one of the shops up for voting to receive a marketing consulting package so check it out and give me a vote!

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Welcome August

By Sharon Schneider / August 8, 2016 /

Cheers to August. Sprucing up a $5 bottle of sparkling wine to make Sangria for Happy Hour. 3 sliced peaches, 1 sliced lemon. Pour wine over fruit and chill. Add 20 oz. of sparking water before serving.  

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Front Door DIY

By Sharon Schneider / July 25, 2016 /

Updating my front door this week: Problem #1 – no privacy (but I love these locally made stained glass leaves) Problem #2 – Princess Hershey likes to sit and look out the window. Solution – 4 yards of $2 tulle (2 yards for each window). 2 tension rods. Iron in hemming tape – or sewing machine to create a 3 inch hem at the top of each panel. I hung the panels high enough to…

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Our Empty Nest

By Sharon Schneider / July 19, 2016 /

Our empty nest has never been completely empty, but with 2 kids in college and one recent graduate back home we often think about our next “move”. My husband would like to retire on a lake. I would love to live in a loft downtown. For now we will “meet in the middle” in the suburban house we have lived in for 12 years and have plenty of room for me to create and the…

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Fabric Bunting DIY

By Sharon Schneider / July 12, 2016 /

Sewing buntings is a great way to use up scraps of fabric. You can cut your scraps into various sizes and shapes. I chose to stay with traditional triangles. I cut them with a 2 1/2 inch base and 4 inch length to the point. Feed through your sewing machine to stitch together. The fun part is displaying your new bunting. Here is mine in my living room. I also like them draped across a…

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Welcome July – with a sale

By Sharon Schneider / July 1, 2016 /

I know that summer is just beginning, but 2016 is half over. It has been a busy year. I love these long summer days with lots of heat and sunshine. Fewer scheduled activities make for a great time to “catch up” in the sewing room finish up items with my spring/summer fabrics and start planning for fall/winter. I am adding a SALE section to the SHOP with some great discounts. Keep up with new sale items on…

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Making Scrap Fabric

By Sharon Schneider / June 22, 2016 /

Just a pile of trimmings: Carefully pieced together on some batting.   Top-stitched over the raw edges (yes, some fraying will occur!) Finished as a fun zipper pouch.

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Summer Flowers

By Sharon Schneider / June 15, 2016 /

We have a few planting areas around our yard but for most of my summer flowers I go with container gardening. These “pots” came from my Grandpa Olson’s garage. I love this wagon and it will soon have a great mix of flowers spilling over the edges. When I fill them with flowers every spring I am reminded of Grandpa’s advice to always pinch the buds off a flowering plant to promote the plant’s growth.…

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Shop Update

By Sharon Schneider / June 6, 2016 /

Items for the Kitchen Cloth napkins are perfect for everyday! I have been tossing mine on a tray on the kitchen table to encourage more use. Traditional Ticking: Bright Colors: Neutral Prints: Pretty Towels: Any of these items make the perfect hostess gift if you go to a friends cabin this summer.

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