The Secret…to Shaggy Baggy Inspiration

By Sharon Schneider / April 28, 2016 /

Mixing color and prints is my primary inspiration for all my work. Totes’ and handbags’ primary purpose is function (storage) and organization. My unique mix of prints and colors make them stand out as practical, beautiful, daily accessories to serve in all seasons. Wristlets and zippers—splashes of color—on a neutral background (often linen or denim.) Unique, vintage and original, handmade buttons accent a lot of my work. Simple designs make practical unique gifts for the everyday.…

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A Button on Top!

By Sharon Schneider / April 24, 2016 /

I mostly work with remnants so I rarely have an idea of how a bag will look before I begin. A simple pile of colors and prints. A collection of fabric. I sort. Move the colors around. Layer various pieces together. Usually two different fabrics, sometimes more. I iron. The warmth of the steam. The squeak of the ironing board. Taking the wrinkles away. Revealing the beauty of a fabric’s print. Almost as relaxing for me…

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