Mending the Flag – Sewing Tutorial

By Sharon Schneider / May 18, 2016 /

This University of Minnesota flag took a beating this winter (almost as bad as the beatings on the men’s basketball team.) We are celebrating the end of the school year so I want to get this flag back on the flag pole. This was an easy, easy fix: trim the frayed edges and make the unfinished edge even pass the new cut over a burning candle to sear the edge and prevent future fraying fold…

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Shop Update

By Sharon Schneider / May 16, 2016 /

So many changes behind the scenes The new website has been under construction and is finally live. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think with a comment below. Lets Celebrate with a Sale The SHOP is full of new items and all are 30% off this week (through May 21, 2016). Lots of zipper pouches are perfect as an end of the year teacher gift or for the graduate. Also new kitchen linens including napkins…

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Sorting Time

By Sharon Schneider / May 5, 2016 /

Nurturing my creative process Slow Sewing. Hand Sewing. Needle and thread. Quiet. Peaceful. Once a week I will carve out an hour or two. Mending, patching, embellishing. I want to slow things down a bit. Step away from the hectic assembly line that my sewing room can often become. Sort my scraps. Sort my buttons. Sort my ideas.

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The Secret…to Shaggy Baggy Inspiration

By Sharon Schneider / April 28, 2016 /

Mixing color and prints is my primary inspiration for all my work. Totes’ and handbags’ primary purpose is function (storage) and organization. My unique mix of prints and colors make them stand out as practical, beautiful, daily accessories to serve in all seasons. Wristlets and zippers—splashes of color—on a neutral background (often linen or denim.) Unique, vintage and original, handmade buttons accent a lot of my work. Simple designs make practical unique gifts for the everyday.…

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A Button on Top!

By Sharon Schneider / April 24, 2016 /

I mostly work with remnants so I rarely have an idea of how a bag will look before I begin. A simple pile of colors and prints. A collection of fabric. I sort. Move the colors around. Layer various pieces together. Usually two different fabrics, sometimes more. I iron. The warmth of the steam. The squeak of the ironing board. Taking the wrinkles away. Revealing the beauty of a fabric’s print. Almost as relaxing for me…

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