Everyday Items I Use In My Sewing Studio Every Day

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Since I moved to a bigger sewing space in our house last summer, I have spent lots of time organizing. I thought I would share some household items I use every time I sew.

Stable and sturdy, small ceramic flower pots are perfect for pencils and scissors.


I love to use mason jars for storage. I can see whats inside and they are sturdy on my shelves.

I also use one with my sewing machine which enables me to use a larger spool of thread than what fits on the machine itself. I just set the jar with the tread on the table behind the machine and thread as usual.

I use this lint roller EVERY single day. Usually on my ironing board and often on my pants and socks!


I also use a small re-usable duster for flat surfaces. When you cut fabric and threads regularly the dust and debris really piles up!

Do you have certain tools for sewing you can’t live without?

Sharon Schneider

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