Sewing tutorial – laptop cover

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If you have not worked with a lot of zippers, this laptop cover is a great beginner sewing project.  It is really just a zipper pouch sewn in the dimensions of our Mac Book. I will share the dimensions that I cut my fabrics, but always measure your own laptop for best results.

I measured 12 x 8 5/8 inches and 1/2 inch high when closed (measured from desk to top edge).

I then added seam allowance (I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance)  and a bit extra for the side with the zipper. My final pieces were cut to 13 x 9 5/8 inches. You will need two exterior pieces, two interior pieces and two pieces of fusible batting all cut to these dimensions. I also used a 15 inch plastic ykk zipper and cut it to fit as I finished the project.

Fuse batting to exterior fabric pieces. If you want to topstitch or “quilt” these two pieces you certainly can, but is not necessary. I chose to do a bit of decorative stitching that followed some of the straight lines on the print of the fabric.

Lay the zipper, zipper tab down onto the right side of the long edge of one exterior piece. Line up the edge of one piece of interior fabric right side down, over the zipper. Stitch through all 3 layers, catching the zipper between the two fabric pieces. Press the interior piece away from the zipper and topstitch the exterior piece to the zipper.

Repeat on the other side of zipper.

Open the zipper just over half way and pin the 2 exterior pieces and two interior pieces right sides together. Adjust the zipper so the exterior of the zipper teeth face the lining.

Pin in place, leaving 4 inch opening at the long edge of the interior pieces (opposite the zipper) for turning your project right side out. In the photo below, I will not stitch between the 2 blue clips in the interior piece. Trim away the excess zipper tape on both sides.


Turn right side out through the open zipper. Push out all the corners and push the zipper ends into place. Stitch the 4 inch opening in the lining closed.

Tuck the lining inside and smooth out all the corners. Press if needed.

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Sharon Schneider

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