Make a Crossbody Strap

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In preparation for new bag patterns, I thought I’d share this tutorial on making an adjustable crossbody strap. I like the versatility of this one as the width and length can be used with any size bag.

I like my bags in canvas or home decor weight fabrics for durability. I make the straps in coordinating canvas or sometimes a lighter linen/cotton mix — always interfaced for better shape and wear.

For the strap pictured here, I use a cotton/linen blend. 1.5 yards cut into 4 inch wide strips I can easily get 10 straps from the 1.5 yards.

After fusing on the interfacing, I fold in half the long way and press.


Then open and fold the 2 long edges into the fold mark, then fold again to enclose all the edges. Top stitch down both long sides.

Now I have one long strap one inch wide. Here is the finished strap with the necessary hardware – 1 inch wide hooks (2) and one 1-inch wide slide. You will also need two rings to attach to the bag itself, as this strap is completely removeable. You can cut off two 4 inch pieces of the strap to attach the rings to your bag.

Feed one end of the strap through the slide, over the middle piece and back out. Stitch in place

Next, feed one of the hooks onto the strap and work this toward the middle, but don’t sew into place.


Now take the other end of the strap and feed it back through the slide creating the adjustable strap.

Now to the end you just thread through the slide, attached the second hook.

Here is the finished strap. Let me know if you try it. I really like making them with both hooks on the strap so they are completely removable.

Here it is on a bag:





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