T-shirt Bracelet DIY

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I have been prioritizing a little time every week to make something new. This week, I am back to repurposing t-shirts. I can’t begin to guess how many t-shirts I have cut up and repurposed over the years. If you do a “t-shirt repurpose” search on Pinterest, you will find more projects that you can do in a lifetime. Here is mine:


I have an old kid’s size t-shirt that is about 17 inches across when flat. Miscellanous beads, baubles or attachments.

Cut off the hem. Then cut a continuous loop about 1 inch wide. Depending on how many times you want to wrap determines how long. I did about 35 inches.

String some beads on if you would like. I chose to add one silver bead of encouragement and stitiched it on like a button.  Then tie the ends together. Give it a good stretch so the sides curl in.

Wrap around your wrist, and you are done.


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Sharon Schneider

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