Perhaps you're a busy woman, mom, or student. You might spend most of your day hustling from home, to school, to work...with errands in between. You need a large bag to tote a tablet, lunch, gym wear, and a water bottle. Smaller zipper pouches inside the tote make it easy for you to quickly locate your ID, glasses...maybe even some loose change alongside some baby wipes.

In the mini van, you need a large bucket that fits between the front seats with snacks and water for after school pickup. An extra tote in the trunk makes that end of day stop at the grocery store or market easier.

Shaggy Baggy products offer thoughtful utility accompanied by handmade beauty.


Or, maybe you're in a totally different phase of life. You're a soon-to-be retired, or an empty nester for the first time. You're mature and confident, with an appreciation for quality, hard work, and artistic detail. You would never leave your house without your handbag. It's a time in your life when you can make choices based on your preferences rather than based on price or usefulness. You finally get to buy that unique, one-of-a-kind bag you've been craving. It's entirely original, while not losing the functionality of day to day life.

When you buy gifts for relatives and friends, you have the time to consider and make the best possible choice. You generously acknowledge special occasions and reward your loved ones with just the right gift to meet a need and bring a smile to a beloved face.

A friend compliments you on your Shaggy Baggy and she gets a new tote for her birthday. You choose the perfect one for her, with a crossbody design for handsfree travel and shopping, and a coordinating zipper pouch...because she can never find her cheaters at lunch.

Shaggy Baggy products offer unique handcrafted beauty without sacrificing important utility.